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Tips On How To Dress A Pear Shape Woman


It is very common to come across women who are pear shaped; they usually have a triangular shape like body. This means that her torso is narrow and has a small bust and considerably large hips. There is a possibility that most of them have a small waist, but it does not make them achieve the hourglass shape.This is why if a woman has such a shape, they cannot afford to make some fashion mistakes. Thus if you have this type of body shape, and you are a little bit unsure how to make it work to your advantage, then follow this guide:

Determine if you are pear shaped


One of the first factors to ensure that you are smartly dressed is determining the shape of your body. Do you have a slender neck? Are your shoulders narrow not so broad and sloping? Is your waist well defined? If your answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, then for sure you have a pear shaped body. Having determined this, you can now do the following.

Upper body dressing.

When you have a pear shape, one is encouraged to pay attention to the upper body. When you are choosing shirts that are meant to fit or match your body properly, you should go with the ones that draw the eyes upwards to the shoulder. The shirts should have a wide neckline. Try to combine it with a necklace that compliments your outfit and draws attraction to your neck as opposed to your hips.

One can also wear tops that draw attention to the slimmer waist, and wear those that have belts with a more fitting torso are the best. It is advisable that you avoid tops that are loose or baggy.

Wear fitting blazers

gbbgfgthyhIf you have a definite pear shape, you should be wearing blazers more often; this is because they usually go well with one’s pear shape. One is advised to go for those that have a slightly fitting waistline that should sit a little bit higher or a little bit lower from one’s waistline. You should avoid those that sit around your waist. If you wear tops with large sleeves, they will attract the attention from your waist, but you should be careful not to retake your fashion to the 1980’s.


You should buy shoes that work for you. If you have a pear shape, you should always buy the shoes that make your legs appear slim. It will appear nice when your pear shaped body is properly balanced. One can achieve this by being in a pair of high-heeled shoes. The heel should be heavier as they look good. Avoid ankle straps as they will make them appear unattractively bigger.…

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