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United Federation of Planets Code of Conduct

This Policy does not supercede the UFP Constitution and only acts as a supplement addressing Officer and Visitor code of Conduct. While it does apply to all Officers of UFP, it is recommended that some lienency is given to Cadets while they are still learning the UFP Rules and Regulations.

I. Conduct of all Officers

All Officers regardless of rank are to conduct themselves in a mature and professional matter. Such conduct as flaming, harrassing, spaming, rude, abusive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. The only exception is when an officer asks for (and is granted) permission to talk freely; all officers involved in the conversation must grant permission, regardless of rank. This exception does not apply if the officer(s) in question is chatting with another clan/fleet.

Officers are to remain active in their Starfleet Squadron and any Departments they are assigned to. If an officer cannot remain active in Starfleet, they should go on leave, on extended leave, or retirement until they can provide that activity. Exceptions to this are granted by the Fleet Admiral. If an officer cannot remain active in a Department, they should resign from that department so an active replacement can be found. No officers may join another clan while in UFP; they can be charged of Treason (see VI. Violations of the Code of Conduct) if they do. In addition, no incoming recruit may join UFP while a member of another clan; their request to join will be denied.

II. Chain of Command

All officers of the United Federation of Planets shall be subject to and shall follow the Chain of Command at all times. This specifically applies to all officers who have assignments, duties or direct orders. No officer is permitted to publicly question the propriety or wisdom of an order/directive issued to him/her nor is any officer permitted to privately question said order/directive with another officer.

Discussion of an order issued to an officer with any person not a member of the United Federation of Planets is strictly forbidden. If an officer is troubled by an order, directive, or assignment issued to him/her, they are to immediately state their concern to the issuing officer, who shall note such concerns and then either withdraw or affirm the order. In the event the order is affirmed, the officer to whom the order, directive or assignment is issued shall diligently perform the duties required of him/her until the said order, directive, or assignment is completed. In no event may the officer delay in performing a affirmed order he/she questioned to seek redress from a higher authority. Such delay shall be considered insubordination, even in the event the order itself is eventually withdrawn.

If, after performing the order, duty, or assignment, the officer in question still feels that the order and/or assignment was unethical or unbecoming, he/she may take his case to his/her commanding officer. In the event that the commanding officer is the officer issuing the said order, then he officer in question is permitted to take his complaint to the next highest ranking officer or to the JAG department. Any officer receiving a complaint regarding an order or assignment is to report it to his commanding officer and it is to be passed along the Chain of Command until it reaches the Admirals Council.

No officer of UFP is permitted to issue an order, directive, or assignment in the name of the council except the Fleet Admiral nor is any officer permitted to post a message in the name of the United Federation of Planets or its Council unless said message has been specifically authorized by the Council of Admirals, Fleet Executive Officer, or Fleet Admiral.

An officer placed in a command position, by a superior officer or the Council, is the highest authority in his/her command. The individuals assigned to him/her play a subordinate role under his/her command, regardless of their rank.

III. Terms of Enlistment

By submitting your oath you agree to be bound by all current and future articles of this Code of Conduct, the Constitution, and all admendments and fleet policies.

IV. Conduct in Games

All members of the United Federation of Planets must show respect and courtesy to members in the lobby or during a simulation game. All rude, abusive, or hostile behavior will be severely punished by UFP and/or by other clans.

V. Conduct During Wars

UFP Officers are to conduct themsleves just as they would in any other situation described in this article. They are to follow the defined Rules of Engagement and the orders of their superiors. UFP Officers are not to directly fire on other UFP Officers unless in a private secured channel where warring clans are not present.

VI. Violations of the Code of Conduct

Only a UFP Officer may bring charges against another UFP officer. Any person from outside the Untied Federation of Planets wishing to lodge a complaint may do so via e-mail ONLY to the Fleet Admiral. If the Fleet Admiral decides the compliant is valid, he will charge the officer in question himself. No other officer of the Untied Federation of Planets may lodge a complaint on behalf of another person.

Category I Offenses:
-Conduct Unbecoming an Officer
-Sedition and/or Treason

Any officer found guilty of a Category I offense may be dismissed from the Untied Federation of Planets and/or demoted in addition to any other punishment which is suggested by an appropriately ranking officer or by the Admirals Council — whereby an appropriate ranking officer is involved he or she will be constrained by the powers allotted him/her by this article and/or by an assignment allotted to him/her. The security department may retire an officer’s access to (or abilities on) the UFP forums for an offense in this category regardless of rank.

Category II Offenses:

This includes any other offense an officer can perpetrate. Any officer found guilty of a Category II offense shall be subject to the following discipline after the complaint is examined by the JAG department or the Council:

1st offense – Written warning and/or demotion
2nd offense (w/in 6 months) – Written warning, demotion, and/or dismissal
3rd offense (w/in 6 months of second offense) – Demotion or dismissal
4th offense (w/in 6 months of 3rd offense) – Dismissal

Your Right To Object:

All officers of the Untied Federation of Planets accused of a Category I or Category II offense may either accept and agree to the specifications of charges lodged against them or they may request a hearing. To lodge your objection, you must make a submission to the JAG office by sending a Private message to the Judge Advocate General via our forum communication system.

Once a matter has been submitted to JAG, there is no recourse. All matters are then in the jurisdiction of the JAG department which will follow the appropriate course of action until a verdict is delivered.
Your Defense:

You have the right to be defended by a high ranking officer who will act as the UFP Defense Attorney. This officer will defend you in trial, be your counsel and will do the best he/she can to clear you of any charges and have you reinstated to active duty.

Accusations of Misconduct For an officer:

Accusations of misconduct on the part of a Untied Federation of Planets officer shall be made promptly to the immediate commanding officer of the accused officer. The commanding officer shall immediately forward the accusation to the Fleet Executive Officer who, in-turn, shall immediately inform the Fleet Admiral. In the event the accusation involves the Fleet Executive Officer, the accusation shall be directly forwarded to the Fleet Admiral by the Commanding officer of the accused officer. In the event the accusation involves the Fleet Admiral, the Fleet Executive Officer shall forward the accusation to the Council if deemed serious by his/her ruling.

VII. Conduct of Visitors in UFP Space

All Visitors in UFP Space are expected to follow Article I of this Code of Conduct and the Security Charter. Violations will be handled harshly with 1-Day, 1-Week, 1-Month, or permanent bans. Exceptions are granted to Visitors whose clan holds diplomatc relations at which point a ban may still be given, but can be removed at the request of the Visitor’s Fleet Commanding Officer. Diplomatic Immunity is granted to Diplomats from all clans except those at war with UFP; however the Diplomat’s Fleet Commanding Officer will be contacted and diplomatic status may be removed by either UFP or the Diplomat’s Fleet’s Commanding Officer.