Declaration of VICTORY!

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Declaration of VICTORY!

Post by TParis »

Greetings honorable officers, distinguished guests, and defeated enemies:

Today is a glorious day for the United Federation of Planets as once again the largest, purest Star Trek clan are triumphant against our enemy. Although we have been forced to take arms against a group of mentally-challenged kids who like to fight with poor spelling, groundless insults, and a bit of psychosis instead of discernible gaming skill, respect for others and professionalism. Imperial Order Clan believes that flaming is a key element in destroying a fleet, rather than standing tall and fighting fairly, they have orchestrated their own humiliation. We have indeed found I.O.C war plans to be identical to those of now dead and forgotten BC organizations. They have always fought wars the same way, trying to destroy a fleet by destroying its will to play the game and causing member attrition. This backed up by a propaganda effort to destroy the credibility of the fleet. We have seen the I.O.C leader order his troops to attack these forums hoping to be able to win a ‘flaming war’. Naturally, their officers have been repelled one-by-one from our holy forums by our blessed officers and distinguished veteran visitors.

To add insult to injury, I.O.C then created fabricated chat logs in an attempt to comfort their despondent troops and bolster activity. This obviously did not have the desired effect; rather the opposite as some I.O.C officers began to leave the clan. All while the United Federation of Planets were racking up victories and organizing the final steps of the UFDF-[UFP] merger, a fleet around since 1998 that recognized that we needed to unite in order to defend what this community truly is about.

This war was merely an extended practice for our officers - it has been a disappointment. Nonetheless, the incursion has allowed our players to refine their skills and enjoy once more the infectious camaraderie of war. Our war goal was to get our Bridge Commander troops to once more experience the thrill of war and bring a little activity to a somewhat agonizing community; we can proudly say today that we have achieved our aims. The [UFP]-[SF] cooperation in this war has been exemplary and is in the finest traditions of the community.

The [UFP] Council of Admirals do not expect the Imperial Order Clan to acknowledge their defeat; their behavior has been predictable since this conflict’s inception. The I.O.C will claim that [UFP] is giving up and that they have won. They will say that we sought to defend the community from them and that we failed for they are still around and will not change their behavior.

However, a more salient point is this: I.O.C war activity is less than one third of what it originally was. In fact, we have not seen a single IOC officer in Bridge Commander in almost a week. As a clan that chooses to fight enemies with the ability to challenge our might, we cannot justify maintaining a general red alert status for such a mediocre war effort by our enemies.
IOCHAWKEYE wrote:We never said we would win the war on words. However we will win the war in game. Look that up in your spelling texts.
Cartman wrote: B - We can destroy your clan. It won't be in game, it won't be on the scoreboard, it won't be in the forums. Suffice to say however when this war is over UFP will no longer exist.
As we've seen time and again, IOC's leaders are detached from reality. Their own realm of perception even differs between themselves. What I find humorous, however, is their admission from their Fleet's second highest ranking officer that they cannot defeat us in game or otherwise.

The Imperial Order Clan will be resigned to the lowest status, as casual prey for the carrion-fowl of [UFP] Third Fleet. Hawkeye, et al, will find themselves on the infamous "Hunt List". Our officers will now be free to engage at will while the rest of us resume normal fleet operations. Any kills on Hawkeye personally will be rewarded with the [UFP] Battle ribbon. Any other I.O.C. officer kills will be simply bragging rights, if there is nothing better to brag about.

With this campaign drawing to a close you can congratulate yourselves on a job well done. Our officers have managed to kill the enemy 256 times while being destroyed 147 times, all this often fighting against god ships while we ourselves used [UFP] war standard vessels, chiefly the Sovereign and Prometheus classes.

I want to personally congratulate all officers who were engaged in this victory. Firstly, I would like to thank Starfleet for inviting us to this conflict. Although it was much less of a conflict than UFP is used to, it put grease on the wheels. It's clear that [UFP] is a well oiled machine ready to carry out a wave of destruction on our enemies at a moment's notice.

Now I proudly present war awards:
Honour Medal


Elite Cross

Carbonizer, Naruto, Delta, Hightower

Crimson Heart

Taylynn, Costello, TParis

IOC War Ribbon

Fleet Admiral Founder Picard
Vice Admiral IceManHG
Rear Admiral Church
Rear Admiral Himble
Rear Admiral Costello
Division Vice Admiral Trip
Division Rear Admiral Carbonizer
Division Rear Admiral Delta
Division Rear Admiral Naruto
Commodore Kelbie
Commodore wienergobbler
Commodore Digi
Fleet Captain Silverado
Captain Evoxsnes
Captain Taylynn
Captain Pirate
Commander Threshold
Commander Hightower
Commander Spock
Lt. Commander Kieran
Lt. Commander Mr. D

Appreciation Ribbon

Rejoice! The day is ours.
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Post by Costello »

A day of greatness for the United Federation of Planets. I have thoroughly relished fighting alongside [UFP] and [SF] in equal capacity. This conflict has unified two honourable fleets and produced meritorious triumphs along the way.

My congratulations to all who have brought glory to the Federation!
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Post by [SF]Nelson »

Congratulations, United Federation of Planets, and StarFleet.



Good evening, StarFleet, Federation Citizens, Allies, and distinguished Federation Council Members. It is my duty to herald the news and results of this past war:

StarFleet, and it's allies, hereby declare all out VICTORY, in the war instituted by [SF] - StarFleet and [UFP] - United Federation of Planets.

On stardate 1.16.2011.23:50, StarFleet, under the command of myself, Fleet Admiral Nelson, made an emergency declaration of war on I.O.C. - Imperial Order Clan. The reasons for war were beyond necessary for StarFleet. We had to meet a foe the only way they could be tamed and controlled. I am here to report that StarFleet and the United Federation of Planets did just that. Meeting I.O.C. multiple times on the battlefield; SF and UFP emerge victorious.

The war was hard fought. The enemy ducked and dodged, fired insult before torpedo, and returned fire with self destruction. (Not always in the allied favor). But at this time StarFleet would like to also take this time to acknowledge a very hard fought front that StarFleet is not known for picking up on. The United Federation of Planets must be recognized for their strong met response to enemy propaganda. It is unusual for StarFleet to recognize this in a ally or even a friendly fleet. StarFleet does not take kindly to pathetic attempts of magnetic propaganda; even when it can be so easily dealt with when authored by pre-adolescents. The United Federation of Planets stood up to the constant rubbish received by I.O.C. knowing full well they didn't have to deal with it. Kindergarten and babysitting aren't on the list of day to day duties. But cleaning the ends of dirty diapers...that takes amazing courage. StarFleet respects the efforts and salute's the soldiers of war, within the proud United Federation of Planets.

Tactical War Report (Brief):

Games Experienced:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Star Trek: Bridge Commander

I.O.C. employed under-skilled marines in the battalions for engagements in Halo and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In Star Trek: Bridge Commander in an effort to stop their dwindling downfall and increasing losses, I.O.C. abused on not just multiple accounts, *every* account, "God' ships.

StarFleet passes claims to certification that while engaging I.O.C., StarFleet fragged I.O.C. 449 kills, with 411 deaths.

Congratulations, StarFleet! You've proven that while being out gunned, you can still rise to the top to edge out a victory in the face of a spitting enemy. Well done! In doing so you've sent a clear message that no gang of adolescent miscreants led by uneducated leadership will force StarFleet into no corner to fight with words and propaganda. You took the fight to the battlefield and you won like champions against goliaths.
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Post by delta »

Excellent work everybody! Another excellent victory!
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Post by Mr. D »

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Post by Janeway »

So another chapter in the history of the United Federation of Planets comes to a close. However brief this chapter was, it will be remembered throughout [UFP] history much like the first DD war as a time where we stood our ground and silenced a rogue fleet, however much of an abomination they may have been. Stand firm gentlemen, we do not know what's around the corner in Bridge Commander or Star Trek Online.

Although I wasn't present on the battlefield, I know you all fought to bring distinction and honor to the Federation. Congratulations on this victory everyone.
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Post by Digi »

This war should've been over before it ever began. There should have been no doubt whatsoever of the outcome of this "battle". We are victorious. Rejoice!
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Post by Whiskers »

A great day indeed. Congratulations to everyone, you've done a superb job.
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Post by Carbonizer »

A fine victory indeed. Albeit a semi hollow one. It is still a day for rejoice.

First of all, thank you it is an honour (irony) to receive these medals. And congratulations all.

Once more against its enemy, [UFP] remains, undefeated. We may have faced child minded players but a victory is a victory. I hope those who had fought had learned/regained what they may have lost over time. May you use that to better yourself in [UFP] and its gaming ring. I can finally say I am now truely proud of everyone of you who have fought admirably for [UFP] and Third Fleet. It is an honour to be Third Fleet CO and have such officers as these.

Indeed, I will say also that it was an honour to fight alongside [SF]. Congratulations Revvekka and Smash !

May our next war be more prosperous as the last !

As I have mention in someones BR;

Once more the voices of St'O'Vo'Kor have called upon us, yet we still defy that calling to this day just to live to fight another day !
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Post by Naruto »

It was a pleasure mopping space with their escape pods, where is the victory party?? I HEAR TP IS USING THE UFP CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR ALL DRINKS!
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