Naruto Battle report #50 IOC War report #1

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Naruto Battle report #50 IOC War report #1

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Battle Report: #50
Game: Star Trek: Bridge Commander KM 1.0
Date: February 14, 2011
Game Mode: Deathmatch
Server: [UFP] Space
Map: Space


UFP & Allied Fleet
[UFP]Naruto <=== HOST
[UFP]Mr. D
USS Longeye SF
USS Columbia SF
USS Galaxy SF
USS Enterprise SF
USS Tesadora SF
USS KnightHood SF
USS Garak [SF]
USS Apollo

The Enemy

Outcome: Kill-Death - 24-7

I had most of this report typed out last night and i as i was going to preview it THE WEBSITE ACCOUNT GOT SUSPENDED.....:( And thus i lost my entire report......sigh........ oh well i guess i just have to retype it

Last night Pirate came onto TS and asked if i could host a server for training, i of course agreed so i hosted an 8 man server. Mr.D, Spock and Galaxy SF joined us. we had a few training runs before IOC Zero jumped into the server, we all immediately went on alert, and soon we found ourselves in a 4 on 4 battle, i took command of our forces and began coordinating our attacks. Zero was using the Excalibur but we were still able to stay on top until my game crashed

it should be noted that this screen shot is of the training server and some of those kills and deaths were from the training session

I of course restart my BC straigh away and this time host a 16 man server, by this time we had put a call out to all our people to aid us, a few SF and UFP answered the call, the joint UFP-SF Fleet under my command continued to kick ass until multiple IOC began using god ships, Zero was using the Excalibur, so was Draco and Kitami was using a borg sphere, i decided to put my foot down and began "KICKING" them informing them to STOP using god ships, after a few kicks they finally god the message, althought Zero did complain saying that we were dictating what ships they could and couldn't use and that we were restricting their numbers by having such a small server, i call BS on the god ships and as for the server number, i had no way of knowing that a 16 man server would be maxed out at 2AM in the morning "-4GMT" we had UFP AND SF people standing by trying to get in, and i COULD have kicked OIC members out to give us the uper hand, however i am an honorable player and chose not to, so i call BS on that as well. once more my game crashed....BC 2 anyone? :P

this screen shot was taken shortly before my game crashed

i once again quickly restart my game and this time i go and host a 30 man server!! No one would be able to complain about not being able to get in anymore.... Additinal SF forces were able to get in and joined us on our TS where USS Columbia SF decided to take command of the SF Forces that up to that point were under my command. the night continued on as both fleets fought the IOC, some of the IOC began to drop out of the game and it came to a point when they would spawn and just die until they finally reteated back into IOC Space

Final screen shot of the 3erd server

the outcome of this battle was that we repelled their invasion of UFP Space and we had a victory for the alliance

I would like to state that i was surprised that the IOC bahaved mostly once i told them to stop using god ships, they did not SD except for a few times so i tip my hat to them for once, good fight IOC
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Re: Naruto Battle report #50 IOC War report #1

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It's about time I saw a victory on par with the DD/SaW war, excellent work everyone.
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Re: Naruto Battle report #50 IOC War report #1

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good job everyone.
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Re: Naruto Battle report #50 IOC War report #1

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Excellent ! :D
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