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Current Alert Status: Yellow Alert

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:32 am
by Digi
Currently, the United Federation of Planets is observing:

Yellow Alert:
Alert Definitions

Green Alert
Condition Green signifies a "normal" risk of attack. Starfleet Officers of all fleets are to carry out standard patrol duties. This is the preferred condition status for diplomatic relations building.

Yellow Alert
Condition Yellow signifies a heightened risk of attack. Task Force One is ordered to raise shields and prepare for imminent conflict, and the rest of the Fleet is placed on stand by and advised to be vigilant. The Chief of Diplomacy is instructed to make clear UFP's stance during this period and keep the Fleet up to date.

Red Alert
An enemy attack appears imminent or has begun. Condition red requires all Task Forces and Battle Groups to be completely mobilised and the reserves to stand ready. Starfleet Security is instructed to complete Condition Red objectives to lockdown the fleet against cyber attacks. The Chief of Diplomacy is instructed to keep the Fleet up to date with developments on the military front and to keep our allies informed of our progress. War is looming or has begun, and we are ready for it.

Blue Alert
This is our special alert status for unique times of inactivity (e.g. Christmas/New Years). UFP is placed into a state of community isolation, all Diplomacy treaty obligations are temporarily suspended and foreign relations are put on hold. UFP is temporarily placed in hibernation mode. All officers are automatically granted leave but are free to continue their normal duties.