NAP with The Last Outpost

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NAP with The Last Outpost

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I am proud to announce that [UFP] has signed a Non Aggression Pact with The Last Outpost(TLO)
Non Aggression Pact between The Last Outpost, TLO, and The United Federation of Planets, [UFP]

1. Both TLO and [UFP] agree not to become involved in hostile acts against each other both in and out of STO. This includes, but is not limited to, attempts to hack/disrupt the other clan’s servers, slander, and PvP combat between the two groups, with the exception of friendly competitions/duals.

2. If a member from either group violates the rules of the other’s server/forum, the person’s original group should investigate the matter and, if necessary, take appropriate disciplinary action against that member.

3. Neither group shall attempt to persuade members to leave the others group

4. Both groups understand that nothing in this pact should be construed as an obligation to assist the other in any conflicts or wars.

5. Nothing in this pact should be construed as a merging, joining, or affiliation between these two groups.

6. Any conflict between the members of these two groups should be resolved through mediation from the leaders of the two groups, or their designees.

7. Amendments to this pact must be approved by both groups, and reassigned by their leaders (or designees)

8. Either group may elect to terminate this agreement at any time with a majority vote from the respective group’s body.


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