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The United Federation of Planets

Our Story
The year was 2412; the United Federation of Planets had just succeeded in northward expansion as far as to the border of the Gamma Quadrant. The Federation was growing so fast and its reach so far, that fleet management from Earth was near impossible. Response times lagged and there were serious communications problems each month between key fleets. In a brilliant move to solve this problem, a massive interstellar communications network was established through all of Federation space, in which all ships were guaranteed secure and reliable communications to any other vessel or station connected to this network even with just a low-powered communications device.

The system eventually grew into the civilian sector, where the lines capacity was increased and signal gain boosted. The Federation economy had now become dependant on this miracle network, which was now comprised of millions of relay stations. Millions of stations, millions of people, one virus.

On May 26, 2436, the system was breached with a highly advanced and adaptive virus. Anti-virus and quarantine protocols proved useless, as the virus within a matter of hours had infected 15% of all of the stations, leaving billions in a communications blanket. In a desperate effort to stop the spread, Starfleet attempted to combat the virus by freezing up communications lines to the effected stations, but this backfired. The virus anticipated this move, and shut down these stations, but still leaving them the ability to broadcast. The virus then quickly spread, until the entire system was out of Starfleet’s control. Then suddenly, the system came back up, without warning. The virus was purged, the Network’s communications pathways re-established, all areas back up. The network’s starlance defence system had been activated, all control was routed to a chain of super computers back on Earth who locked out the devastating effect of the virus and sent it into the abyss. Never before had a virus purged the network, never before had this anti-virus system been activated. Minutes later, the system started experiencing strange glitches, and then it stopped responding to commands. The virus had concealed itself, then replicated itself into the starlance defence system and taken control of it. It was a planned move, orchestrated by none other than an organisation with supreme technical knowledge from assimilated thousands, the Borg.

The most “efficient” way to assimilate, it appears, is to stop your enemy from being able to mount an effective defence, and then it happened. One hundred transwarp anomalies opened up, one hundred Borg vessels. The Federation first fleet permanently stationed at Sol encountered twenty cubes. The Earth’s planetary defence grid would not power up, transphasic torpedo launchers were inoperable, and planetary shields offline. Fleets were isolated from each other by communications, 17 Federation fleets were ordered to random positions throughout the Federation by the assimilated Network, and the Earth garrison was not able to hold back this incursion. Six planets had now been swarmed by the Borg, one million new drones in three hours, yet Earth still refused to give. A secondary relay transmitter broadcasted a mayday to all Federation fleets within 10 light years of Sol to come to its aid, but this was in vein, as the Federation Second, Third and Fourth fleets were now following fake transwarp readings from the communications network.

Meanwhile several federation warships were situated in the Typhon proving grounds for numerous weapon technologies currently in-development, presently testing is being carried out for the final stages of a modified variant of the transphasic torpedo and launching system for longer-range artillery vessels such as the steamrunner but incorporating stealth features that the original design did not have. Asteroid #267 was designated for the test, the U.S.S Maria; a steamrunner class long-range artillery ship was making final adjustments to the torpedo. The I.K.S Rankuf was nearby, preparing to run a sensor sweep to see whether it could detect and destroy the torpedo once it was fired.

After hours of testing the results were promising, small-scale production began at the Typhon shipyard situated in the proving grounds. After several hails to Earth the facilities in the proving ground became worried so the U.S.S Maria, U.S.S Yukon, U.S.S Devore and five Vorcha escorts where dispatched to Earth to ascertain why there was communication silence; they were unaware that the United Federation of Planets faced annihilation by the Borg collective.

Borg Wedges, Assimilators, Assembly vessels and the Queen’s diamond entered the sol system via a transwarp hub, finally the federation’s central nervous system had been crushed and soon the entire federation shall be assimilated. However ground-forces had not yet taken over the simple Minshara class Planetoid even with heavy planetary bombardment support from Borg vessels. Borg forces had overwhelmed several federation installations such as starbases, outposts and the orbital transphasic torpedo launchers. Borg forces had installed long-range sensor platforms in the sol system to detect any cloaked vessels in hiding; the communications network was now being used to intercept enemy communications, weapons platforms were being installed to re-enforce the current ones.

The incoming federation led task force detected huge power emissions coming from earth, as the task force entered the sol system, it had become apparent Borg vessels had overpowered Earth, the U.S.S Maria stayed behind and armed her long-range transphasic stealth torpedoes while the U.S.S Yukon, U.S.S Devore and the five Klingon escorts proceeded, with there armours deployed and there ships operating at low-power levels drifting past Jupiter, however the remainder of the task force would soon be leaving Jupiter’s wake and the sun would light up there ships for the Borg to detect, but powering up would also mean detection. Orders were given and the vessels powered up and sprinted to earth, as they exited warp the taskforce and starbase one almost collided, sensor sweeps were run, and the task-force engaged the Borg, data had to obtained quickly to assess the situation and return with allied forces, once scans were complete, the planetary defence grid was coming online and the transphasic torpedo launchers were …

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